THE Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has finally replaced the paper based registry with the Online Registration System (ORS), which among other things aims at simplifying companies and business registration.

According to the statement issued by BRELA, the replacement took place from February 1, this year. “This is to inform you that the reliable and trustful information about Companies, Business Names, Trade and Service Marks, Patent and Industrial Licences will only be provided from the ORS,” reads part of the statement.

Moreover, BRELA informed its clients that hard copy documents could be requested online and certified by the Registrar. It added that all government institutions that are not yet integrated with ORS will be required to send application through special account.

 It added that through ORS both government institutions and other clients will be served easily and in short time. “All Government institutions which are not yet integrated with the ORS will be given a special Government account and will be required to send their applications online through the Head of the said institution by choosing service type “request for standard Search” whereby the system will generate information automatically or “Request for Custom Search” where official search will be responded as per request,” reads the statement.

ORS comprises registration of Companies, Business Names, Trade and Service Marks and their respective post registrations, issuance of Patents and Industrial Licences. The system enables customers to access all BRELA services wherever they are without visiting BRELA premises, at any time of the day.

BRELA has started rendering services online in modules starting with Industrial Property services, Trade and Service Marks and Patents and Companies registration

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